One of my favourite smoothies yet this morning


I’ve not been feeling as hungry as I used to these days and my stomach is struggling to digest meat except in very small quantities at the moment so having a daily smoothie to get some much needed vitamins and sone fibre.

This morning i made my smoothie with mixed berries from my freezer, a small banana, half an avocado (trying to have either avocado or coconut milk in my smoothies), juice of one orange and some water and I have to say it was fab!! I did have to sieve it to remove the seeds which is a little bit of a pain, honestly I don’t know why I have such an issue with drinking bits!!

Louise from ancestral chef sent an email round yesterday and one of the thing on her ‘can’t live without‘ list was gelatin so I have also started adding it to my tea each morning and evening so fingers crossed that helps too.

What a busy week but thankfully the sun has been shinning for most of it


Yet just as I write this I hear rain on my conservatory roof which is a shame as I bought a bike yesterday and was planning to pop over to my local green grocer on it to grab my weeks supply of fruit and veg. Fingers crossed it will stop later as I really need to start exercising!

As switching to paleo living is a lifestyle change, I thought I could approach exercise in the same way. Adding in small amounts of exercise into my daily routine, if I can take the bike instead of the car that is the first step. Impact sports are still out (probably forever) for me due to my knee op last year so I thought cycling may be good. I wish I loved the gym like some people but for me as I know it is for many others, its just a chore which makes me want to go less and less!!

Once I have added the cycling I want to try and add another change to add more exercise, so any suggestions for what has worked for you would be greatly appreciated!


Anywho, back to what I planned to write  in the first place.

Spontaneous picnics, the suns out and you want to enjoy the fresh clean air as I did on Sunday but you only have an hour before you planned to leave and you have to whip up a tasty paleo friendly lunch that your non paleo friend and her 7 year old daughter will love as well. Now I must admit that my picnic lunch was not great, I only managed to take some boiled eggs, fruit salad and some chicken breast, then grabbed a bag of mixed leaves from the shop down the road. So we had to grab a few packets of crisps (pickled onion monster munch, one of my faves) and a box of dairylea dunkers, the jumbo tubes (oh how I love those) so as you can guess I didn’t do so well in the not eating those task. But that spurred me on to pull together a simple easy to prepare picnic menu with a range of different quick and easy ideas that I can select from and prepare in minimal time.  I wish I had the time and the know how to come up  with some of these amazing ideas, but for now I have to reply on the amazing paleo cooks out there who help me out greatly by sharing their ideas.

I’ve added the links to the recipes I have found, hope you enjoy 🙂



Riceless Soy-Free Sushi

If you have the patience to make these they make perfect mini bites

Herbed Crispy Flat Bread

This one would be great with all sorts of toppings or perfect for dipping

Picnic Salads

Gorgeous salads held together with right amount of paleo mayo for you


Filled with anything you fancy

Creamy Coleslaw


Luscious Lemon Bars

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Cookie Bites

Trail Mix Clusters

Set them in silicon chocolate moulds is a great idea to make them bite size

Recipes from the following websites:

Against All Grain

Everyday Paleo

Kim’s Healthy Eats

 The Clothes Make The Girl

The Paleo Mom

The Urban Poser

Quirky Cooking




What’s your favourite smoothie?


My paleo breakfasts usually consist of eggs but unless I get up an hour earlier in the morning to make omlettes(never going to happen, a morning person I am not!!) I am finding I am not getting enough fruit/veg into my breakfastI am looking for some ideas on simple smoothies I can make for breakfast with minimal ingredients. I’d like to end up with a couple of trusted favourites where I can freeze my own ingredients so I will always have the produce on hand rather than have to make regular trips to the shop. Partly because this is easier for me, but mostly as once I enter a food shop, I seem to come out spending at least 4 times the amount I had planned. Its the shopaholic in me trying to break free!!

These are a handful of recipes I have found through scouring the interent, I will add links to the websites below.

Please do suggest any recipes you have as I love trying new things!

Coco Loco

4-5 Ice cubes
1/2 a cup of coconut water
1 cup of Pineapple chunks
3/4 of a Banana


1/2 a cup of water
3 cups frozen mixed berries

I put this smoothie through a sieve once blended as i cant stand drinking the seeds, for some reason drinks with bits is a no go with me. Its a bit of a pain but only takes a few minutes more and for me its well worth it!

Going Green

Juice from 2 oranges
Juice from half a lemon
1 cup of Spinach
1 banana
A handful of fresh mint and coriander

Rise & Sine Smoothie

3 cups Almond or Coconut Milk
2 Ripe Bananas, peeled
1-1/2 Seedless Navel Oranges, peeled and sectioned
2-1/2 cups Frozen Mango Chunks

Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie

6 frozen strawberries
A handful frozen banana chuncks
1 juicy orange
A handful of frozen mango chunks
1 cup filtered water

Its time to burn

Our Paleo Life

Amazing Paleo

Homemade tomato sauce success :)


My local fruit and veg man who delivers to the door was running a special offer the other day on 3kg of lovely fresh tomatoes for only £2.

When they arrived they were a beautiful colour, perfectly ripe and very tasty. Amazing for the price as in the supermarket you can only get those pale, with a yellow/green tinge tomatoes that taste of absolutely nothing!!

I popped them in a roasting tin with a lid, a bulb of wet garlic cut in half, 4 roughly chopped shallots, basil, olive oil and seasoning. I roasted in at about 150 with the lid on for about 1.5hours, then the lid off for another 1.5hours until it was nice and thick and smelled fantastic!! I pushed the softened garlic out of the skin and discarded the skin, drained any liquid off to keep for a tomato cauliflower risotto recipe I’d like to try, then blitzed the tomatoes into a thick sauce.

It tastes amazing, even if I do say so myself! 🙂 Im currently cooking some chicken and courgettes in the sauce in the oven so fingers crossed it tastes even better!

Anyone else have any freezable sauce ideas to make healthy dinner quick and easy?

Can you freeze your own veg? Any suggestions please?


I love veggies but eating my 5 a day was hard enough, now they have increased this recommendation to 7 a day I need some new ways to increase my intake.

I buy frozen veg where I can as it suits my lifestyle and I’ve read many articles and studies on the fresh vs frozen debate and as I cant buy my veg on a daily basis from farmers markets I am opting for frozen more and more. Problem with this is things like courgettes, aubergines they are not available in my local supermarket frozen.

So any ideas, suggestions, techniques etc that any of you lovely people have I’d greatly appreciate them 🙂

Meaty Breakfast Baskets, great with eggs

I find that breakfast can be pretty tricky when following the Paleo lifestyle unless you’re prepared, so I have been trying out new ideas (usually inspired by other recipes I’ve seen and then tailoring them to my needs). Now I am back at college again after the Easter holidays and the sun is trying to come out, I’m trying to revert back to smoothies made with frozen fruit and coconut water. I’ve already chopped and frozen my banana, and have purchased frozen mixed berries and some blueberries. Only problem I can see with this going forward is needing a bigger freezer!!

Sometimes though, I just don’t fancy a smoothie. I love breakfasts of eggs, sausages and bacon etc but its just not convenient to cook these on any day for me except Sunday plus its very much lacking in any of my 5 a day. When looking at sausages I couldn’t believe quite how much rubbish they contain, I mean seriously, many of us have proven we can make things at home without all the extra so  is it really all needed??  So on one of my breakfast craving mornings  I came up with these meaty baskets that I can cook in batches and freeze, just grabbing one out the night before I need it or using my Chaos defrost button on my microwave (I do love that button and I have a brain like a sieve late at night!!)  These could be great as a snack at any time of the day, they are not just limited to breakfast 🙂

Meaty Breakfast Baskets

  1.  900g of mince, a mix of pork and beef
  2. Streaky bacon chopped into smallish pieces (good to have a little extra fat so the meat doesn’t dry out)
  3. Finely chopped onion. (I cheated and used pre-chopped frozen onion as this is easier for me)
  4. Salt and pepper to taste
  5. Dried sage to taste (I used about 2 tsps in my mix) but you could use fresh sage finely chopped if you prefer
  6. Glug of oil to help binding if needed

20140428-110412.jpg1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, combining well.


20140428-110431.jpg2. Push the mix into a muffin tin aiming for an even thickness on the sides and base.


20140428-110443.jpg3. Bake at about 180 c for around 30 mins until cooked through(first time keep an eye on them as time varies between ovens). I also drained most of the excess fat off at about 20mins.


20140428-110452.jpg4. Eat straight away with a poached egg, these are a perfect size for little bantam eggs if you have them. Or on there own as I did, too impatient to wait!!

5. Allow to cool thoroughly and freeze in a suitable freezer bag or tub.

A Guide to Paleo Flours

During my first few attempts and switching to Paleo living I didn’t try any baking, using different flours etc. I just cut out these things completely and now feel this may have been part of my downfall. I love chocolate chip cookies, you know, the really doughy kind. There’s just something about them and to be completely honest, I missed them.

Now I’m trying new recipes I have found out about all the different flours you can use instead. When following a recipe this is fine, but once you start trying to tweak recipes or adjust them to your own ideas things can become difficult. Each flour has its own characteristics and you can’t always use the same quantities when switching between them.

Definitely worth a quick read!

Link: A Guide To Paleo Flours